Convert More Leads to Customers

Don't Let Leads Slip Away

There's no reason to let those leads escape. Instead, you have to learn what engages leads to make the journey from prospect to customer. To begin with, there are a few simple reasons why leads don’t convert.

bored learnersThey are bored. What you do might be fascinating, but if you’re boring when you describe it, how can you expect your prospects to stay interested? You don't need to be a comedian, but you do need to keep them interested in what you have to say.

They are confused about your benefits. If you are not clearly communicating your benefits to prospects you will lose them. Not a feature, or general “low cost” statements, but a specific promised benefit? Withou them your marketing will falter and stall.

They have forgotten about you. It’s not enough to reach out once or twice and write the prospect off if they don’t convert. If your business fails to follow through with enough reminders then you will fall off of their radar exactly at the point they’re ready to convert.

They don’t believe you. Being interesting, clear spoken, and communicating often won’t matter to you prospects if they don’t believe that you will keep your promises. Building credibility happens with every conversation with a prospect, and it requires more than a claim of years of experience.

You don’t have a conversion plan. It’s difficult to step outside of the day-to-day bustle of your professional life and execute a great marketing campaign. Most of the time, it’s all you can do to create the ad hoc marketing pieces that may or may not be getting the results you desire. With a plan, there’s no need to guess what the next part of lead conversion should be.

The reality is that successful conversion requires a thoughtful approach and a plan for real follow-thru. Your Best Next Step takes this one step further, and has built out a proven, long-term approach we think of as a Road Map from Prospect to Customer. It combines tried and true marketing strategies with the specific needs of businesses and their industry.

The Path from Prospect to Customer

businessmandecisionIt starts by addressing all of the following concerns for every customers segment of your prospects.

You must explain the benefits of your company clearly.
Do you understand them yourself?

You must answer the questions that prospects ask you.
Do you know what questions your prospects have?

You must address their fears and help them reach their aspirations at each stage of their buying process.
What is the real emotional benefit of your product or service?

You have to stay in touch, without being annoying.
Do you talk too much? Not enough?

That's it. Those four topics are the framework for successful lead conversion. However, it can be surprisingly difficult to produce marketing materials that deal with all four effectively, and in the correct sequence.

It requires deep knowledge, a creative touch, and professional expertise to plan, predict, execute and measure the results. Your Best Next Step has helped many companies enjoy greater success by implementing this process. Most importantly, it is a process designed to fit within any business or industry by naturally adapting to the needs and desires of its target audience.

Ready to take Your Best Next Step?

You don't have to take the next step alone. We will take you through the process of creating your own Path from Prospect to Customer, and it all starts with a complimentary 45-minute conversation.  Sign up for a preliminary meeting today.

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