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The Pebble In Your Shoe

Walking with a pebble in your shoe is annoying. When it's small it won't bother you, but it sure takes the fun out of the walk. Sometimes it has been in there so long you have forgotten about it. Sometimes what Your Best Next Step can do for your business is to take the pebble out of its shoe. It may not be the highest priority to your banker, accountant, or your spouse, but to you it is priority number one. That makes it our number one priority too. We will help spot it, and provide actionable steps on how to take it out.

Finding Time

The work is never done. Every day presents a new opportunity and every other day there is a new problem needing your attention. You like it, it needs to get done, you're good at it, and no one cares about it as much as you do.

It’s a good thing you like doing it all! But does that mean you like to work 60 hours per week? Or is it difficult to carve out time to do other things you know need to get done? We can help you prioritize and either find or provide the resources to get done what you need to get done.

Finding Fun

Maybe it is time to free up your schedule so you can spend time doing those things you enjoy, rather than worrying about all of the distractions. Energy and enthusiasm are critical for leadership in a small company. The mood and attitude of the leader affects the whole company. Why not enjoy the ride? We can help.

Finding Money

Maybe it is time to figure out why you and your company are working hard but not producing a decent return? Your customers are happy, employees are happy, but the profit of the company is not what it needs to be. We can help you spot low hanging fruit, as well as find longer term opportunities for more profit.

Preparing For Growth

Unplanned growth has damaged many companies. It strains your systems, people, and finances. When you don’t prepare for growth you have to be good at reacting to problems. Preparing for changes in revenue is much easier than simply reacting to it. Our Business Growth Workbook will identify the most likly strains your organization will experience and provide a framework to prepare for growth.

Repairing From Growth

Growth is important, even essential, but mismanaged growth puts a tremendous amount of strain on people and organization. At some point muscling through is no longer a good option. We can create a support plan that helps you quickly catch up so that you maintain momentum and energy.

Time For A Reset

The economy is brutal and everything is changing: customers, competition, media, employees, vendors. Maybe it is time for a dramatic rethinking of the business? It is time to push the reset button and make some changes. Let us help you take a fresh look at your business with a new, and experienced set of eyes.

The Right TeamHappy-team.jpg

The right team is critical, but building and keeping the right team is not easy. The company’s needs change but your vendors are not helping. Or maybe people are not growing with the company because your budget was limited when you hired your first employees. However, you want to be fair and loyal to employees.

Building and managing your team is one of the most emotional things you do. Don’t make it any more difficult than it needs to be. We can help you manage your team, and make the hard decisions with confidence.

We have helped companies in each of the situations above find their Best Next Step.

Start right where you're at and take the next step that brings you closer to your goals.

You have a lot of options and even more choices.

All of our Best Next Step packages can help you:

1. Determine what to do.

2. Get it done.

3. Evaluate the results.

And it starts with a no cost 45 minute conversation where we will confirm Your Best Next Step and set appropriate expectations for your effort. We will provide or direct you to appropriate resources such as guides, templates, worksheets. It can be as simple as that, or build out into the kind of plan you need to move forward. 

Contact us to get started on Your Best Next Step.

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