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Drowning in Content

Content Marketing is probably the biggest opportunity available to businesses in this new, digital age. It's also a huge challenge for companies who are not prepared.

It is no longer enough to simply market your business or product. Google, Email, and Social Media now make it necessary to be interesting in 140 characters and with 30 page eBooks. The internet puts the prospect in charge of their buying process. That means you need to be able to provide them what they want, when they want it. Ideally, you can provide it before they even know they want it. 

The crowd of communication your prospects deal with and their short attention span means you need to publish smaller pieces, more frequently. If you are developing content that is appropriate for each phase of the buying process, and for each segment, you may be challenged to get it all done, and keep it organized.

Content Pyramid

The content needs of an average company involve pieces of varying lengths and quality. Web page copy, eBooks and press releases require high quality writing and a lot of research. Blog posts and email newsletters require less formal, but still interesting and researched copy. Tweets and Facebook posts require a different approach. Search strategies involve creating content of all lengths and levels of quality, in addition to existing content needs. 

Content Pyramid

The good news is that the most effective marketing is organized around a limited number of important points you need to make. All other content is designed to point to and support those few main ideas. Knowing this fact makes organizing priorities around content needs much simpler and less overwhelming. 


Without a plan content production quickly gets out of hand. Pieces get written without any real thought, and content production is driven by the need to publish rather than by having something to say.

Our processes start with a plan that allows you to organize what gets produced and published so you can multiply your efforts and results. You get the most out of each online activity by leveraging them multiple ways. 

Leverage diagram

Our Product

Once the content needs have been established with the content pyramid, we begin to integrate it with your greater marketing goals. The content can be placed in a comprehensive strategy we call “Call to Action Mapping” where we create content pieces that align with the actions that you want prospects and customers to take.

From high-level content down to the most basic piece, we will help your company begin generating the content it needs.

Regardless of where you are in your content creation process, we recommend creating your own Content to Action Map with the help of Your Best Next Step. Start your content marketing off on the right foot, or evaluate the steps you’ve already taken. Contact us today to schedule a 45-minute introductory meeting

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