In this series of three posts, we’ll review YBNS’s basics of building a structured marketing plan. In Part 1, we explored the impact of building a structured marketing plan. In Part 2, we examined what to do if your marketing wasn’t proving effective. Today in Part 3, we’ll look at common mistakes many marketers and organizations make, and how to remedy them. By examining these areas in depth, you’ll gain insight into how to utilize your marketing to drive and support your sales, as well as how Your Best Next Step can help you achieve that goal. 

Part 3—The Most Common Mistakes Marketers Make


You acknowledge that your web site is difficult to navigate, but you don’t want to change because…well…you’re pretty sure prospects will call anyway. Do you really want to have a hurdle like that? Does that attitude help growth? Be honest with yourself. Invest in your marketing and you will see a return that far exceeds the results you’ll get from wishful thinking. 

No strategy.

That means just blindly spending money, on everything from email marketing, newsletters, social media, to ads, and new sales people. Create a plan and a budget to support it. That also means developing a marketing strategy tailored to your business, not the latest trend. For example, don’t waste time on social media (or anything else) because everyone else is doing it. Do it because it supports your sales team by bringing in leads or drives traffic to your web site. 

Not testing.

I come across companies that routinely run email or mail campaigns, apparently just for the sake of sticking to a schedule. There are no metrics, no measurements, no testing of offers or call-to-action language. How will you ever know what is working, if you fail to test it? Testing can only sharpen your message and lead to better results. If you don’t want to test the marketing, save your money, don’t do it. 

Not defining success

Every marketing tactic must have a goal. Are you looking for orders at a trade show? Are there a number of calls you want to receive from an email campaign? A percentage of click-throughs on your website links? Even if you have to guess, set a goal and compare it to results.  If you don’t know what success looks like, you can’t be successful.


Marketing is an art, a skill and a science all integrated into one profession. It is a vocation that requires talent, skill, education, knowledge and experience. Just because you are great at sales or management, or have conducted one direct mail campaign in the past, does not make you a marketer. Your money will be better spent and you’ll see a higher return on investment, by working with a marketing pro rather than doing all your marketing on your own. 

Unreasonable Expectations.

How long should the sales process take? The simple answer is…long enough to complete the sale. Obviously, most business owners want the shortest sales cycle possible, but ultimately, it’s the buyer who sets the schedule. You need to pay attention to where they are in the sales process or you’ll miss the opportunity to close the sale when they are ready to buy. 

YBNS is there to help clients engage in what is called “life cycle marketing.” That’s the process in which sales people ask the right questions to uncover the customer’s timetable and the most opportune time to contact them. As a sales pro, you’ve already identified that they need your product and can benefit from it. Now you just have to manage the pipeline. 

A helping hand

I have tremendous respect for all my clients. They’re in business, making money, have happy customers and are living the American Dream. I never want them to feel like I’m trying to fix them. My goal is to provide focus and insight to their sales and marketing efforts which in turn will produce more leads, convert more leads to customers, and do so in the shortest time possible. 

Your Best Next Step can wake up your company to the money you could be losing by not attracting and converting prospects who should be your customers. Best of all, we do it fast and with no risk to you. What if you could know exactly where your prospects drift away from you and turn to your competitors? Or what if you knew why your prospects just decide to do nothing, when they should be buying from you? Want to learn more? Would you like results in just two meetings? Would you like a no-risk guarantee? Contact us or call 952-896-0062 today!