In this series of three posts, we’ll review YBNS’s basics of building a structured marketing plan; the difference between good and bad marketing, discovering what works; and common marketing mistakes and what to do about them. By examining these areas in depth, you’ll gain insight into how to utilize your marketing to drive and support your sales, as well as how Your Best Next Step can help you achieve that goal. 

In Part 1, we explored the impact of building a structured marketing plan. This time, in part 2, we’ll examine what to do if your marketing isn’t proving effective. 

Part 2—What To Do When Your Marketing Doesn’t Work

Clients often tell me their marketing doesn’t work. The ROI is not what they’d hoped; direct mail doesn’t work; trade shows are a bust; social media is a time suck; nobody reads anymore, so why write a blog?, etc.  All this adds up to bewilderment and confusion, which results in frustration. They’re ready to abandon all hope. 

This is where the YBNS process starts. I begin by evaluating a client’s website from the perspective of the prospects they hope are navigating to their site. Are prospects ready to buy? Or, is the company hoping to engage future prospects? (Those who should be interested in the companies’ products, but just don’t know it yet.) 

The content required to interest prospects in different stages is significantly different. A prospect who has made a decision to buy is comparing vendors and evaluating how much they need to spend. A window shopper who has not yet determined if they want to take action is still trying to decide if they are going to spend. 

Designing a website that is well written, graphically pleasing and nicely presented is not enough. A narcissistic website puts prospects off. What is a narcissistic website? One that brags about what the company does without relating it to the reader’s situation. It communicates all features and no benefits. There’s no offer or suggestion that they can deliver something different and superior to the competition. And if the site does make claims, it expects the reader to just believe them without any proof that those claims are valid. Many websites use a lot of words to simply tell potential customers that the company is in business and offers them a phone number in case the prospect discovers a reason to call. It’s no wonder the customer is not being lured away from the competition. 

Land More Sales, Understand the Emotions

Marketing should set up the sales force to help prospects understand their fears and emotions, while revealing the solutions and benefits they desire. By speaking directly to those issues, you will be more effective and more credible to the prospect. You are proving that you “get it.” 

Not long ago, I was working with a sales training company that targeted their marketing to the VP of sales at large companies. I was told that those VPs were fearless with “egos times 10,” and there was no room for an emotional appeal. They have no fears. 

By asking the right questions, I discovered that those VPs’ average job tenure had fallen from 18 months to 10 months. They may have been fearless about a great many things, but they were definitely afraid of losing their jobs. By carefully communicating around that fear, we were able to engage those VPs more effectively. 

In just this way, I help clients see their prospects in deeper, more impactful ways that ultimately leads to more sales. We go through each of their customer touch points to understand why it is being done and if it is being done well. 

Check back next time for Part 3 in this series, “Common Mistakes Most Businesses Make.” We’ll explore the errors that many organizations make with their marketing and what you can do to avoid those blunders. 

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