The only social media strategy that works long term

Social media giveth and social media taketh away. Take Facebook, for example (please!) How many out there are just the tiniest bit irked by the recent changes at Facebook that limit the number of fans who actually see any of your business posts?

While it is annoying, unfortunately it’s what happens when you build your business around a free service -- you are at their mercy.

Sadly, Facebook isn’t the only culprit here. Google changed how they show your pages over 500 times last year, and some of those changes were pretty significant.  In fact, several of our clients’ businesses could have been greatly affected by those changes. Fortunately, we saw what was happening right away and were able to respond quickly.

So what can you do?

What every marketer needs to know

You’re already in business, so you’ve obviously figured out how to attract customers. But, that’s not enough if you want to continue to grow your business. And part of growing your business means having the ability to blow through plateaus and keep forging ahead. That requires becoming skilled at developing a good customer acquisition strategy, and then taking the time to understand why it works. 

What exactly does a good customer acquisition strategy look like?

  • You are successful in at least one channel
  • You know how to speak to a group of suspects who do not know you, but you can still get them to engage
  • You can generate leads, engage with prospects, converse with customers, and you can do it predictably

Build on what’s working, don’t reinvent the wheel.

Only when you’ve developed that good customer acquisition strategy will you be able to jump in and out of the fad medium du jour.

That’s because:

  • You’ll already know what to say and how to say it
  • You’ll know what your suspects and prospects questions, fears and concerns are regarding your product or service
  • You’ll be able to evaluate and adapt the medium to your needs

And when that particular medium goes out of style or the provider changes the rules to the point where it is no longer valuable to you? You simply move onto the next medium, while continuing to test and adapt your conversations as your target segments change. Translating a successful campaign from one medium to another is much easier than starting from scratch.

So what does all this have to do with social media? First, for most businesses, social media is not a customer acquisition path, but simply one step in the process. More accurately, it’s a way to improve an already working path, not a new path in and of itself. That’s why social results are called “lift,” because they lift the results for an existing customer acquisition path.

And that’s why the real strategy is not so much ramping up to the next hot social medium, as it is understanding where in your acquisition process the particular medium fits, and why it does so. It’s critical to always determine “why?” If you don’t answer that question, you’ll being doing little more than conducting a crude experiment -- throwing noodles at the wall to see what sticks.  In the end, you’ll still need to define why it stuck and how it’s benefiting you.

At Your Best Next Step, we’ve used social media platforms successfully at the beginning and end of the customer acquisition process, which results in lead generation, customer repurchase and retention. To learn more about the process and how we can do the same for you, contact us today.

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