You gotta love a lawyer (sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it?) who can produce a 2-minute commercial that attracts an audience of over 5 million in just two weeks! The ad originally played on local TV in Savanah, Georgia, population 142,022.

So what made a local commercial about a small town lawyer go viral worldwide?

Go Bold or Go Home!

The secret to this video’s popularity is simple--it pushes boundaries and it pushes them hard.

Take a look and see if it doesn’t stir up some strong emotions for you. And while you’re at it, check out another of his videos, which in my opinion, is even more gutsy and effective. Both are big, dramatic, over the top and most importantly, effective.

My point? You don’t have to be a personal injury attorney to make this kind of dramatic statement. In fact, no matter what your industry, you can use these videos as a model for gaining more customers.  You just have to be willing to take some risks and be bold!

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone and Get Noticed

What can you learn from these dramatic videos and how can you apply that to your own business in order to excel past your competition and get noticed by your target audience?

1.       Get emotional. 

Everything about these videos is emotional. In the second video, Jamie Casino describes a world in which big, stingy insurance companies are short changing little old you. That leads you as the viewer to ask yourself, “What do I want to do? Call some timid, pinhead lawyer? Or do I want to call someone who will only stand up to the insurance bullies on my behalf, but will ‘pound’ money out of them?”

2.       Make a promise, then prove it.

In the wrestler themed video, Mr. Casino makes a very clear, bold promise, and then takes it a step further by providing important proof that he can deliver on the promise.

And his promise? Jamie Casino pounds money out of insurance companies and gives it to you.

Against the backdrop of wrestlers being pounded into the mat, we see three testimonials as proof:  

  • Testimonial #1: “I got way more than expected and didn’t have to go to court.” (Translation: “He made it easy.”)
  • Testimonial #2: “I got more than expected.” (Translation: “He got me what I deserved.”)
  • Testimonial #3: I got triple what the insurance company was offering me. (Translation: “He stopped the insurance bullies from cheating me.”)
  • Then after each testimonial, we see a wrester being slammed to the mat and being counted out -- one, two, three -- reinforcing the triple theme.

3.       Repeat, repeat, repeat

Jamie comes back and repeats the promise three times, emphasizing the triple theme once again. “I will help you get all you lost… and then some…and then some more.”

Don’t be afraid to repeat your promise. Repetition is at the core of memorization, and you want to be memorable.  

4.       Show some ‘tude.

Technically the ads are extremely well done, but it is the attitude conveyed in the ads that clearly sets them apart from the competition, making them memorable and compelling.

Truthfully, if you thought you were being cheated by an insurance company, who would you call? A shy, introverted lawyer or one who pounds money out of insurance companies? It’s an obvious choice. You’d want someone who is bold enough to produce a commercial like this, wouldn’t you?

If your message to customers is not making clear, bold claims then you’re wasting your advertising dollars.  

Maybe you’re not completely sold on bold just yet. Maybe you don’t think this applies to you because:

  • Our industry is too conservative
  • We don’t have anything to get excited about
  • I’m just uncomfortable with it.

That’s where we come in. When you call us, we help you:

  • Craft a bold message that fits your business
  • Create communications with which you’re comfortable (well, mostly)
  • Develop ideas that hit your prospects’ emotional hot buttons, drawing them to your company

Three promises, one solution. And we’ve got the results to prove it.

Take away:

  • Make a clear promise that is meaningful to your customers
  • Make the promised benefits clear
  • Tell your story with personality, boldness and style
  • Tell your clients’ story as proof of delivery on your promises


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