I have two criteria when selecting a place to get my hair cut. The first is price. When it comes to hair I’m cheap. My hair is easy to cut and even my worst haircuts look okay in a couple of weeks.

The second is speed. I won’t wait more than 10 minutes for a haircut. If I see someone waiting, I don’t stop. As a result it can take several weeks from the time I think I need a haircut to when I finally do. 

Also, I rarely use coupons. I lose them; I forget them in my pocket.  They’re just too much trouble to save a couple of bucks.

So here I am happy with my hair cutting routine and then I get a promotion for a free haircut at Procuts—apparently the sports bars of barbers. The mailer said something like “it’s time that haircuts man-up” and of course had a picture of a rugged athletic looking guy.

Well I really am not much into watching sports, and I am not sure what a “manned-up haircut” is, but I do like to think of myself as manly…and it’s free and I’m cheap, so I stick the coupon in my car.

About 1 month later I drive by the Procuts store and after confirming there is no one waiting, I go in for my freehair manly haircut. 

I am offered a free beverage: pop or water. Not a big deal but nice, and now that you mention it I was kind of thirsty.

I get my hair washed, seems like a waste to me because I know my hair is not that dirty, but you know when someone massages your scalp it sure is relaxing. Oh did I mention that while I was getting my scalp massage, I had a hot towel on my face. Even though it’s summer it sure was relaxing. I can only imagine how good it would feel on a cold day in the middle of winter.

I turned down control of the TV remote, I really don’t care that much, so it is left on the sports channel. I had no interest in the talking heads but the highlights of Lebron James from game six of the semi-finals with Boston were, even I have to admit, amazing.

The haircut was done well. They weren’t busy and she took her time which funny enough didn’t really bug me. I guess I was relaxed sipping my water, watching Lebron.

But that’s not all, before she lets me out of the chair I get a neck and shoulder massage. No big deal she spent maybe two minutes using a hand held massager. But the darn thing was heated and I gotta say it sure was relaxing.

Now the real question, will I go back?

Well I am cheap, I am used to paying $14 (I think) for a haircut.  Procuts  regular price is $18; only four bucks more. But still four dollars is four dollars, on the other hand I sure was relaxed.

Next January for sure I am getting my hair cut there… but the rest of the summer I am not so sure; but they did give me a coupon so that my next hair cut (scalp massage, warm towel and neck and shoulder massage) is only ten dollars. Of course that would be if I can remember what I did with my coupon.

They did a great job to get me this far. As far as actually becoming a regular customer…talk to me next January.