About Us

Our Philosophy:

Our processes are designed to get results quickly. By combining our experience with your experience, together we will uncover opportunities and breakthrough roadblocks to get your results fast. 

What You Will Get:

At any given time there are many good options from which you can choose. We will help you quickly sort through the options so that you can make the right decision for your business.

All of our services are designed to help you start where you are and quickly find Your Best Next Step.

We do that in 5 areas: 

Each of our services will be handled with the following approaches, which speak to our fundamental beliefs about marketing.

Leverage: Getting More Out Of Everything We Do

Marketing effectively comes from creativity and efficiency. With our ability to leverage existing and new creative in different ways we multiply your marketing efforts saving you money. 

In general, marketing communication for any company is actually centered around a few key, high-level concepts. Your Best Next Step starts with these concepts and builds them out into pieces that can be used and reused effectively in different formats. This expands the reach of your marketing, improves the return you will get on investing in those central pieces, and helps fulfill the need for frequent, high-quality content that is necessary for lead generation, lead conversion and content marketing

Our Testing Philosophy

Testing saves time and money, but you have to know how to do it. After investing in your growth plan, it's a waste to stop short of actually measuring the results it had on your business.

Your Best Next Step always places systems in place for testing and improving coordinated marketing activities. This will produce significantly improved results for minimal extra cost and dramatically better ROI.

Testing is only the first step, you must be able to evaluate the quality of the activity. Poorly executed initiatives are not just a waste of money: they can damage your company. Experience matters when evaluating quality and measuring results. Your Best Next Step has experience evaluating campaigns and offering productive feedback for improvement.

Ready To Take Your Best Next Step?

Don't wait to see how your business and marketing can be improved with help from experts. Reach out with questions or to schedule a free 45 minute chat with us.

How To Reach Us:

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Meet Our Principal


Scott Jacobson likes nothing better than helping business owners get more out of their business. Getting more money is important, sure, but just as important is greater enjoyment. He started his career working in a Fortune 100 company, and with every successive move he chose to work in a smaller company until he found his place working with small, privately held companies.

Scott has worked with startups, turnarounds, and mature companies. He has helped clients identify holes in strategy; develop new products; and negotiate intellectual property sales and joint ventures. He likes to dig in to find opportunities and eliminate roadblocks. He speaks to a variety of audences and has been quoted on Microsoft Network's business web site. Contact him for a conversation about your business.