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Quick Hit Tactical Results:

We are proud of the short term results our clients have enjoyed. Who doesn’t want to increase leads by 43% or get first page results from Google. We would love to say that we can do the same for you…and maybe we can— we often do, but as you know your company is unique.

What results can you expect? That depends…but what we can promise is that what we do will make sense to you or we won’t do it. Every campaign will be thought out and based on sound marketing principles as well as our experience. Before any campaign is started you will know why we think it is the right thing to do and what results we expect to get.

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Dramatic Sustainable Changes:

It is certainly great fun to get quick hit results but they can also be distractions from getting the long-term results that sustained improvements produce. We use short campaigns with quick results to provide momentum for long-term sustained improvement. As in our first case study below:

5 Year Decline in New Customers



After a five year decline in new customers, the company realized it had lost the ability to attract new customers.

Marketing was unfocused, unaccountable and not producing sales. Our first step was to replace an ineffective campaign with a pay-per-click campaign. We tracked results through the sales process to the end sale. The effort hit breakeven within 60 days and continued optimization added to profitability after that.

Had we stopped there however, the results would have faded away over time because…

Complete Lasting Turnaround



Tracking leads through the sales process revealed that the sales team devoted most of their time working with existing customers and spent what was left over on new prospects. The reason was simple and quite common; it is easier to sell to past customers than it is to cultivate new relationships.

As a result, over time the sales team invested in maintaining the business but not growing it.

Understanding the full problem allowed us to implement a series of initiatives that resulted in the dramatic sustained turnaround for the company.

First Loss in Company History


  • Negative Profit
  • Increasing Debt

After twenty five years of profitability the company suffered its first loss. Add to that an increase in debt and receivables and this company was headed for trouble. The good news was that revenue was steady. The company wanted to invest in marketing hoping to grow their way out of the problem.

An in-depth evaluation of their customer base revealed that the profitability problem was caused mainly by a drift toward low profit customers. In this case, a successful marketing campaign could have made their problems worse. Attracting more of the wrong customers is never a good idea. The urgent need was to remix their customer base focusing on those who were most profitable and paid on time.


  • Return to Profit
  • Debt Free

With this understanding we developed a qualification process allowing them to quickly discourage prospects who would not be a good fit before the company became invested with the prospect.

Once stabilized (returned to profitability after 1 year) we were able to add other initiatives to help the company grow their profits and pay off all debt in five years and this during the recession.

Barrier to Growth


Revenue Barrier


In this case the company revenue kept bouncing off a threshold.

Several studies and our experience confirm that many leads are just plain ignored: such is the case in this example. The problem however isn’t as obvious as it sounds. I mean really it's not that sales or marketing decide to just ignore potential business.

What we found by digging into their CRM system was that the sales team had little confidence in the leads they were given. From experience they quickly decide which leads are not worth their time. During busy times most leads were ignored. During slow times more leads were pursued resulting in revenue cycling based on the time the sales team had available.

Another consequence was that marketing, under pressure to get more leads to grow the business, jumped from one shiny new marketing initiative to the next looking for the secret ingredient to more sales.


Revenue Doubled in 5 Years

With the focus on lead tracking, sales and marketing were encouraged (forced) to work together. If marketing is attracting the wrong leads they need to know what a good lead looks like. Sales cannot be allowed to skate by without saying why they are the wrong leads. With greater cooperation marketing was able to prequalify more leads and improve sales efficiency in lead follow up.

With continued success there was enough money to fund expansion of the sales team. The results are that sales not only broke through the revenue barrier but sales doubled over the next five years.

Meaningful Qualitative Results:

Qualitative or soft results are difficult to measure but that doesn't mean they are not meaningful -- sometimes they are the most meaningful.

It is not hard to see how decreasing 60 to 70 hour work weeks during peak season has a positive effect on employees and will result in long term financial benefits.

Or the positive affect on the management team of moving from unpredictable results to accurately forecasting results. Equipping the management team opens up possibilities. They are better prepared to take advantage of opportunities and avoid roadblocks that inhibit growth.

Before After

Unpredictable business results

Accurately forcasting results within 6 months

Too much time spent managing and dealing with employees

Employees assume management tasks giving owner 4 more hours per week

Need for new products and new markets to grow the company

Identified new high-margin market showing profit in first year

Chronically underperforming service product

Repositioned service product to more accurately assess its contribution

High seasonal work load causing burnout and inhibiting growth

Developed intern program to add low cost labor during peak times. Decreasing employee work load and improving profits

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